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Time is on a Musician’s Side

While most students of the banjo, guitar or mandolin recognize that learning an instrument will take both time and patience, there are a few who feel that they should progress further in a shorter period of time.  A student will … Continue reading

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My Dog Ate My Music!

As a teacher of the banjo, guitar and mandolin, I often hear the various reasons why someone is not able to practice. After earning my BA degree, I first attended law school and then moved on to graduate school. My … Continue reading

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Music Therapy

Each and every one of us experience stress in our daily life activities. Whether you have lost a love one, lost a job, are having financial difficulties, broke up with you significant other, or are facing other challenges in life; … Continue reading

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A Music Student’s Plateau

I have been studying music for a year now and I feel like I am not getting anywhere. I think I have hit a plateau with my mandolin. How do I get out of this rut with my guitar playing? … Continue reading

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Music Teacher or Therapist?

I recall a student I had many years ago when I lived in Michigan. She was a young, slim, attractive lady. Anyway, she showed up for her first guitar lesson and after our initial introduction, I sat down to discuss … Continue reading

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