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Do You Know Your Musical ABCs?

When I start teaching a new banjo, guitar or mandolin class, I first ask my students whether or not they know their alphabet. These students, many whom are adults, look at me with a bit of disdain, as though I … Continue reading

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A Musician’s Need For Speed

When you are practicing or playing your instrument, are you patient enough to play slowly?  In order to learn a piece of music correctly, you need to develop your timing and rhythm and many students are guilty of playing too … Continue reading

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To Record or Not to Record

Musicians of all types can benefit from recording their music. The beginning banjo, guitar or mandolin student may cringe at the idea of listening to themselves on tape. It is sort of like listening to your own voice, which I … Continue reading

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A Music Student’s Plateau

I have been studying music for a year now and I feel like I am not getting anywhere. I think I have hit a plateau with my mandolin. How do I get out of this rut with my guitar playing? … Continue reading

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Motor City Bluegrass?

I remember that first festival as though it was yesterday. Of all places, it was held outside of the Motor City.  That is right, just outside of Detroit, Michigan.  The home of Motown and automobile production, was taking a back … Continue reading

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