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Mandolins From A to F

Today when you go to a music store specializing in stringed instruments, you will see a variety mandolins by different instrument makers.  They may come in different wood finishes and colors, yet the styles have remained the same for many … Continue reading

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Greatest Musicians – Do Polls Only Go So Far?

Over the course of a year or so, I added polls to my website, for readers to vote on who they believe is the best banjo, guitar or mandolin player of all-time.  Of course, some of these polls had … Continue reading

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Stelling’s Staghorn

What does the Virginian, Old Woody, Sunflower, Staghorn, Crusader, Bellflower and Master Cross have in common?  These are some of highest quality banjos made by Geoff Stelling at Stelling Banjo Works, located in Afton Virgnia.  I like to think of … Continue reading

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BB King Has Earned His Crown

It was back on April 2, 1992, when I first had the great pleasure to see BB King perform live, as well as meet the great blues legend.  Looking back, I should have attended his concerts much sooner than I … Continue reading

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Ear Training?

You may have heard of a basic musical concept referenced as “Playing by Ear” or “Ear Training”.  What does it mean and is it possible for you to train your ear to play a banjo, guitar or mandolin? With a … Continue reading

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Learn Banjo, Guitar & Mandolin with a Webcam

When I first started to learn a fretted instrument, my choices for instruction were limited.  While there were plenty of guitar instructors, it was very difficult for me to find a qualified banjo or mandolin instructor.  Today, many options are … Continue reading

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