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Frets & Math

In one of my guitar classes, I had a student mentioned that she never thought she’d have to learn algebra to learn music.  Algebra you ask? No .. we weren’t learning algebra.  We may have been applying a little geometry … Continue reading

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Good Bye Les

Today the Music World Lost a Legend & Pioneer Earlier today, August 13, 2009, I received news that my friend Les Paul died at age 94. When I say my friend, I  should clarify that unfortunately, I did not have … Continue reading

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Banjo Rap

Does The Banjo Get A “Bad Rap” At Times? Is the banjo and instrument that sometimes receives undeserved or critical judgment from  non-musical observers? At times, I notice references made on television or in public, to the banjo or banjo … Continue reading

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Music Therapy

Each and every one of us experience stress in our daily life activities. Whether you have lost a love one, lost a job, are having financial difficulties, broke up with you significant other, or are facing other challenges in life; … Continue reading

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Is Practicing Music Frustrating?

In 1969, I got this toy for Christmas called “Frustration Ball”.  The toy consisted of a clear globe with eight cups and one ball.  The object was to toss the ball from one cup to another in order, without missing … Continue reading

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