Fretmentor’s Second Annual Banjo & Guitar Workshop Featuring Jens & Uwe Kruger – March 26-27, 2011 in Lake Worth, Florida

Jens & Uwe Kruger … They’re Back for a Second Time.

Jens & Uwe Performing For The Crowd

Two of the great performers, instructors and entertainers of the banjo and guitar will return for an encore.  On March 26-27th, 2011, Fretmentor will host the Second Annual Banjo & Guitar Workshop Featuring Jens and Uwe Kruger in Lake Worth, Florida.  Details of this event are posted at

Some people have yet to learn about just how wonderful these two gentleman are as both performers and as individuals.  After the Kruger Brothers Palm Beach concert in 2009, I was able to encourage Jens Kruger to come down to South Florida for a banjo and guitar workshop for all interested music students.  We have discussed making this an annual event that may one day grow to include other notable instructors and performers.   South Florida is a wonderful location to visit and this venue offers many an opportunity to take a vacation during the spring and learn something at the same time. So I am excited to present the Second Annual Jens and Uwe Kruger Banjo and Guitar Workshop.

Here are some of the comments that were posted at the Fretmentor Forum after last year’s event:

“The word Musicality keeps ringing in my head over and over. I am walking around humming tunes, and I keep smiling. The time spent in the presence of Jens and Uwe was wonderful, and enlightening.”

“I was impressed by the breadth of both Jens’ and Uwe’s knowledge of music. To be able to play bluegrass, blues, rock, country and classical, among others, just floors me. But their personable nature just made it so much fun to be around them during the workshop and during the concert.”

Jens Teaching One on One

“Truly a wonderful experience. It was motivating in the musical venue but uplifting in a broader sense. The workshop far exceeded my expectations and I was sorry that it was over.”

“Today was one of the most memorable days of my life.  A classmate who had met them previously said last week how personable they were and wow were they.”

Fretmentor with Jens & Uwe Kruger

“Kudos to the Krugers for a great workshop and to Fretmentor for setting up such a well-run, informative and even inspirational event.”

“It’s very clear that the weekend was amazing. Jens talked more than about music. He talked about being aware and connected to life. What a great break from the mundane life. I knew it would be great but it far exceeded my expectations.”

So please come and join us on March 26th and 27th.

This event promises to be just as good if not better than when the Kruger Brothers visited South Florida for the first time.


About fretmentor

Born in Detroit, Michigan, David F. Jakubiak has been involved in music since the age of 7, beginning as a clarinet player and then at 9 turning his attention to stringed instruments. He earned trophies in group talent competitions while a student at the University of Michigan. The instructor earned a BA degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Public Administration at the University of Kansas. At college, he also studied classical music and music history. His passion is teaching music and in performing as a musician. In addition to on-stage performances, David has played in various venues from outdoor festivals to small nightclubs. He plays, performs and teaches various styles of music, including rock, pop, blues, jazz, classical, country and bluegrass styles. He performs and teaches acoustic and electric guitar, five-string banjo, and mandolin. His styles range from Scruggs, melodic, Reno and old-time style on banjo, to finger-style and flat-picking technique on guitar, to various styles of mandolin. For over 45 years, Mr. Jakubiak has taught all age groups, taking a personal interest in each student to ensure that they receive the attention and lesson plans that meet their needs and interests. His lessons and instructional materials place a strong emphasis on the practical use or music theory to ensure that the student understands the instrument and learns how to improvise to develop their own style. Mr Jakubiak teaches group and studio classes, webcam lessons over the internet, and individual private lessons to students of various ages. He has compiled and produced eight instructional books on CD as well as numerous instrumental arrangements. David has written for Banjo Newsletter, a monthly publication for the banjo enthusiast and has published an article in Issue #37 of the Fretboard Journal. He is the founder of To contact David Jakubiak, please feel free to e-mail him at david AT (substitute the @ sign for the word AT)
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15 Responses to Fretmentor’s Second Annual Banjo & Guitar Workshop Featuring Jens & Uwe Kruger – March 26-27, 2011 in Lake Worth, Florida

  1. avatar Silvia says:

    Can’t wait…and this year I won’t have a broken arm…(let’s hope)… 🙂

  2. avatar Stacey Podell says:

    Looking forward to this musical experience….Motivated to attend because of all the great comments from last year’s participants!

  3. avatar Paul says:

    I went to the Kruger Workshop last year — it was a great experience. Both Jens and Uwe are very easy to talk to and have loads of tips for improving your musical performance. Looking forward to getting even more out of it this year!

  4. avatar Lawrence says:

    It was great to spend time with two great performers, but I think the fact that they were so down-to-earth and helpful was a great part of the experience last year. Glad to hear they will be coming back!

  5. avatar Steve says:

    I wasn’t able to make it last year so I’m really excited to have the opportunity this year. I’m not going to miss it!

  6. avatar Alex says:

    I’m looking forward to the Kruger Bros. concert the March 2011. This is my first – so it’s hard to envisage how it works – but everyone I talk to -who had attended in 2010 – give a glowing feedback and always say how much they got from it & how much they learned. It was their enthusiasm that convinced me to sign up this year.

  7. avatar John Kino says:

    After reading all the wonderful coments on last years work shop, I am looking forward to this years work shop of the Kruger Bros. and concert.

  8. avatar Jay says:

    I have viewed some of the Kruger Brothers videos on YouTube and they are fabulous. I am so looking forward to them being with us for the weekend for basically private lessons and a concert. Seems unbelievable to have them for ourselves.

  9. avatar Alex says:

    Starting to get excited about the Kruger Bros Workshop – having look over the workshop syllabus.
    Didn’t realize it would be so extensive – rhythm techniques, guitar chord formations, progressions, blues techniques, etc. Even guitar amplification is on the list – and owning an acoustic-electric guitar – this topic is close to my heart. Can’t wait for the guitar sessions!

  10. avatar Dave says:

    The Kruger workshop was very entertaining when i went last year. I learned alot, and these fine musicians will definitely not disappoint you. Alot of fun.

  11. avatar John Kino says:

    I must admit FM was right to say we were in for quite a treat. These two guys are fantastic. I found it to be a pleasure to watch them perform, you can see and feel that they really love what they are doing and enjoying it at the same time. As Uwe said they play music six to eight hours a day (not practice), and know some 900 songs, with some played 2000 times so as to play them to perfection. I enjoyed listening to Uwe telling us what it takes to be a successfull musician and telling us the tricks of the trade. These two guys should write a book, it would be in demand to anyone who wants to be a professional musician. I guess its like any other trade, it takes alot of work and as I have always said 99 percent prespiration and 1 percent inspiration.

  12. avatar Liam Spenser says:

    When I first was reeled into coming by my dad I was a little skeptical of how I would enjoy it and what I would get out of it, but when I went in there and talked to Uwe and watched him play, it was a completely different story. It was amazing to be able to go up and play a song with him right off the bat, and I enjoyed the class. I think next year I’ll bring a few buddies who are pretty good at guitar, and hopefully they’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

  13. avatar Silvia says:

    Workshop was GREAT! Not only are they great musicians….and I mean GREAT! but they also have AWESOME personalities…..what great sense of humor!!!

  14. avatar Paul says:

    Had another great time at the Kruger workshop this year. Uwe had us get up there and do a song with him, and then gave us suggestions on how to improve. Great one-one interaction. Worth every penny. And then we got a private concert on top of it!!

  15. avatar Dave S says:

    Looks like a pretty amazing time! Just found out about Jens and Uwe and man are they ever amazing! Is this happening again next year by any chance?

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