Keb Mo – A Night of Blues

Keb Mo performing with his National resonator guitar

Some recording artists know how to give you your money’s worth.  I think it cliche’ to say that the concert I just attended was the best I have ever seen.  After all, I have seen quite a few and you always seem to like the latest.  With that being said, on February 2nd, 2012, I did get my moneys worth from Keb Mo.  He performed continuously for a good two hours or so at the Lyric Theatre, in Stuart, Florida.

Keb Mo, the artist formerly known as Kevin Moore, is a three-time Grammy Award winner. He is a singer, songwriter and blues guitarist but his style reaches a variety of genres from soul, jazz, pop and rhythm and blues.  Whether or not he is playing his National resonator guitar, picking a Gibson acoustic guitar, or playing his Red Custom Stratocaster, his style is both diverse and unique.

Ticket Stub From Keb Mo's Concert

On this particular evening, Keb played an excellent mixture of tunes from his repertoire, which stretches from 1994 and his debut album “Keb Mo”.  Although its hard to pick the best of his selections on this particular night, some of my favorites included the songs “Shave Yo’ Legs”, “Government Cheese”, “Perpetual Blues Machine”, “Am I Wrong”, and “Gimme Watch Got”. Yet, I especially enjoyed his entire band taking turns singing “The Door”.

I would have loved to meet Keb after the show.  We tried but the body guards closed the door on this idea.  Some patrons got through but they had a special pass.  Maybe next time Keb.  You can see my gallery of photos of Keb and his band at or on Fretmentor’s mobile app for the iPad and iPhone.


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3 Responses to Keb Mo – A Night of Blues

  1. avatar Silvia says:

    Sounds like a great musician. Must admit I had never heard of him but will “You-Tube” him now! Thanks

  2. avatar lspencerini says:

    Keb Mo is one of the first blues guitarists I listened to. I bought his first album and loved it. I have not spent much time listening to him lately, but this has inspired me to take a look at more of his stuff on YouTube.

  3. avatar Rick Honeyboy Hart says:

    Gotta love Keb Mo. He manages to be traditional and modern at the same time. Got to learn some of his licks my self very soon!

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